Nest 3rd Gen Roomstat

How to install a 3rd Generation Learning Nest room thermostat

I’ve created a video on explaining how to install a 3rd generation Nest room stat. Here I would like to explain my thoughts on it. My points can be a positive or a negative, depending on your situation. The Nest room stat requires a 240v plug or a 2 core wire going back to the wiring centre or the boiler if it’s a combination boiler.

Positive: Everyone has a socket in the house, the reliability of mains power rather then replaceable batteries. Option of using the old cable from pervious room stat. 3pin adaptor included in the package.

Negative: There may not be a socket in the position you want to place the Nest stat. You may have to hide the wire to the socket if using the adaptor.

Key Differences

With the 3rd generation Nest room thermostat you can now control your hot water. The ability to give a boost and adjust the schedule from the thermostat or on your mobile is a handy feature for the uk market with conventional systems. It also has a function which works with Auto-away and turns off the boiler.

A new Bigger and higher-resolution display may seem like an Apple upgrade gimmick but it still an upgrade. The bigger display has a far sight mode which lets you set the display to show the target temperature or a clock which can be seen from across the room. A thinner profile allows the Nest thermostat to be fitted more flush to the wall or you can place it on the stand which comes with the package.

The new OpenTherm support is a good feature if your boiler has it. It works by enabling a two-way communication instead of a on/off command from a thermostat. This helps the boiler determine the correct amount of gas to burn to reach the set temperature. A good energy saving feature to save money.

My 1st installation was to a S Plan system which had a wireless room thermostat. The customer was tired of replacing batteries every winter and wanted the option of controlling it from the phone. The installation is straightforward if you have basic wiring knowledge, but we would always advise you to call in a professional electrician or a Leicester gas safe engineer with the correct qualifications.

Customer Reviews on the Nest 3rd generation thermostat

I’ve read mixed reviews about the thermostat, some have been excited with the device, some have been hugely disappointed. The concept is not new to the market and with anything which has wireless technology there will be hiccups on the way. With any product I believe to succeed you must have good customer support. I’ve never had to call Nest support, but from what I have read online I don’t think Nest will be winning any customer support awards any time soon. Overall for the price you pay you would expect more from it, but Nest have built up a reputable name being one of the market leaders in smart technology.

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